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Accessing Clove from a new phone?

For security reasons you can only access your Clove account from one device at a time. This means that when you change the phone used to access Clove this new device needs to first be authorised to access your account. The authorisation is done through the email you registered with us.

This is how it works. Download the Clove app to your new phone, open it and tap "Log in" and then enter the email address registered with your Clove account (do not start a new signup with Facebook or Email - that will end up as a duplicate account and will be closed). We will then send the device authorisation request to your email and once you have tapped or clicked on the "Approve phone" link in the email then you are good to go and can access your Clove account from your new device.

Not receiving the authorisation email?

Please make sure you remember which email address was originally used to create your Clove account and check that email inbox. If you haven’t yet configured that email on your new phone you can also approve the authorisation email from a computer.

An agency has offered to provide me a Clove account, should I proceed?

No, you can download Clove for free on your own device. Do not allow anyone else to open it for you.

You may become a victim of fraud and you may be charged fees by the company which are not from Clove. We will not refund any fees issued by other third parties.

If you know of anyone offering this to you please advise us immediately.

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